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Why choose BDR?

  • Established German brand and one of Europe’s leading non-surgical facials.
  • Delivers an excellent return on investment.
  • Easy to use; created by skin care professionals for skin care professionals.
  • Delivers instantly noticeable results without pain or downtime.
  • Multi-platform system enables skincare professionals to address a wide variety of concerns.
  • All of our technologies have been custom developed and patented by the BDR engineering team featuring excellent safety profile.
  • Full training and marketing support provided.
‘During the clinical testing of the BDR system we achieved excellent results on patients from all key age groups and BDR delivered significantly better results than other systems. As a dermatologist I would highly recommend BDR.’
Dr M. E. Cornely MD, Dermatologist
‘I am constantly searching for innovative non-invasive skin rejuvenation technology. BDR is unique in its effectiveness. Active ingredients are safely transported into the deepest layers of skin, stimulating the natural repair and renewal of tissues and restoring healthy function.’
Dr P. Holzschuh MD, Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

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